Way Point     N45° 49’ 80,9” - E10° 51’ 16,6”
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Internal Rules

PREAMBLE: In the West Garda Marina is in force following Internal Regulations which also the staff is closely bound to. Users have to comply with it, and they are pleased to address any complaints or comments only to management.

1 - During entry and exit from the harbour boats must proceed at no more than 2 knots speed, respecting the rules for preventing collisions at sea.

2 - It is forbidden dropping anchor in the harbour.

3 - The boats must be moored in an appropriate manner so as to cope with any weather condition and they must be moored in the exact place assigned to them. If, for internal needs of the Marina, any change should be made, they will be promptly communicated to the concerned parties.

4 - The use of toilets on board with immediate external drain is forbidden inside the harbour. It is also forbidden discharging sewage into the harbour (from washing of bilges, etc..), hydrocarbons and trash. Solid or liquid waste must be deposited in the appropriate containers.

5 - The customers that want to moore in a place separate from the Marina, or to exit and / or return between 24.00 and from 07.00 must give advance notice to the office or to the Port Chief in order to obtain instructions about the harbour alarm.

6 - Customers who want hauling and launching have to show the “coupon” to be drawn in the office. In case of telephonic request, the “coupon” will be drawn up by the office and given to the customer arrival at the Marina.

7 - During hauling and launching it is strictly forbidden to stay on the boats or in the manoeuvres area. In any case customers can do the above mentioned manoeuvres.

8 - In any case customers are allowed to access to the workshop, to the hangar, batteries storage areas and any other working room. Customer can’t use equipment and machinery contained therein or otherwise owned by the Company.

9 - Customers can’t smoke in the hangar and lubricants, flammable or explosive storage areas.

10 - Access to the boat storage area is allowed only to means of transport for boat entering or leaving, and for loading and unloading of materials, only for the time strictly necessary to the operations themselves and in any case excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Entry permit will be required in the office.

11 - In the West Garda Marina fishing is prohibited, by any means, as by decree of the Regional Government of Lombardy n. 25674 of 09.04.1979. Bathing’s also prohibited, for safety reasons.

12 - You can get to your car parked on the upper forecourt in the spaces delimited by white lines. However, the Company does not assume any liability for theft, damage. etc.. that may occur. The Company also reserves the right to remove cars parked illegally charging the cost to owners.