Way Point     N45° 49’ 80,9” - E10° 51’ 16,6”
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Our Marina is open all year. It has 300 boats places from 5 mt to 14 mt. In addition to water berth, there are 2 squares for storage on the ground and 2 hangars. The maximum depth of the port is 2.50 m. The Navy has a wide launching canal and a slipway for boats handling. There are wide private parking places and there is also a night security service. Free wi-fi throughout the harbor.

Customers can choose annual, seasonal and daily storage in water, hangars, indoor and outdoor yard and winter shelter in shed. We launch and haul with crane (up to 8 t) and travel crane (up to 15 t). Our staff is at your disposition for the rental of trailers, mooring assistance, and engines winterization, as well as masting and dismasting, technical assistance and general engineering, automotive engineering, plumbing, electrical and electronics, upholstery and administrative assistance for the paperwork and regulatory compliance.

We offer our customers the Clubhouse, sun deck area with sun beds, whirlpool, locker rooms and bathrooms with showers, hot water, lockers and changing rooms. You can also enjoy the Lounge Bar and Restaurant and on board catering service.

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