Way Point     N45° 49’ 80,9” - E10° 51’ 16,6”
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Garda Lake

The Garda Lake is located in Northern Italy, between the provinces Brescia, Verona and Trento. It is the biggest Italian foothills lake and it is in fact 369,98 sq.km. big, 51,6 km long and 17,2 km wide.

Its climate is the most Mediterranean of all Italian foothills lakes and it is known for the vegetation that offer an almost complete range of habitats, from the Mediterranean to the Alpine, from olive tree, lemon tree and vineyards in the coast to the firs on the Baldo mountain.
Besides the scenic beauty and the succession of coves and beaches, also history contributes to make the Garda Lake a prime tourist destination. There are many churches, museums, castles and villas, commissioned by nobles and merchants of the plains that here settled their summer homes.

The Garda Lake offers a wide range of very famous tourist facilities designed to meet the different needs of its guests and it is also the setting for a variety of events: theatre festivals, music festivals, outdoor cinema, nightclubs, parks, water parks and villages famous in Italy and worldwide.

The lake is loved by many sports enthusiasts. With its characteristic winds it is ideal for sailing and windsurfing and the countries that surround it are equipped with tennis courts and golf courses. The slopes of Baldo Mountain are very popular with bikers who know the abundance of trails to discover and they also reach Baldo from afar.