Way Point     N45° 49’ 80,9” - E10° 51’ 16,6”
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We introduce you to Aquariva, an exclusive restaurant for the food enthusiasts. It is situated inside the West Garda Marina and it is open 365 days a year for lunch and dinner. It is a well-known destination of gourmet and reported by the main national and international food guides.

The terrace:
The romantic summer terrace facing the lake offers a breathtaking landscape night and day… , the tidy marine style furniture, the candles and the jazz-lounge background sound will be the ingredients for pleasant and relaxing moments.

Aquariva in Winter:
During winter, Aquariva have two elegant rooms available. The sober atmosphere, the candles, the warm colours, the unfailing view on the lake and the fireplace won’t make you miss summer.

In the kitchen, Paolo, with a staff of young cooks, will propose you traditional dishes in modern twist, with a careful selection of raw materials, artfully cooked and served.

The cellar:
Ivan’s Aquariva cellar have more than 800 Wines and distillates on stock, and flagship one of the well-stocked selection of Champagne in Italy.